Are you thinking of moving into or away from the area?

If so then Homes Partnership can help you as we are certified relocation specialists!

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At Homes Partnership we are recognised as the leading agent in the area we operate in and as a result we have been selected by Cartus, the world’s largest relocation company, as their chosen Relocation Services Partner. Find out what this could mean for you.

Watch our video on frequently asked questions, this may save you and us time in your appointments or phone calls, but of course, we are always happy to explain anything in more detail. See our testimonials, they speak for themselves.

How we can help you...

Are you thinking of moving into or away from the area? Find out all you need to know in our relocation services section.

  • Over 650 branches nationwide
  • Over 50 offices throughout London
  • Exclusive referrals of buyers moving to our area
  • Helping our clients to sell for the best price
  • Chosen by the world’s Premier Relocation Company – Cartus
  • Selection based on quality of service, local knowledge & professionalism
  • Recognised as the local expert in all of our towns
  • Moving our vendors to their chosen destinations across the UK
  • Whether you are moving five or 500 miles, we have the network to help!
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