Homes Partnership welcomes our new property manager, Sophiya Bell!

By Market Updates

Homes Partnership welcomes our new property manager, Sophiya Bell!


We’ve always said that Property Management is a tough job. It’s a role that requires superhuman organisational skills, the ability to work under extreme pressure and customer service skills high enough to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers.


It’s a tough job indeed which makes it very difficult to recruit for as many people struggle to cope with the demands of the role. We have however, found someone not only capable to do the job but good enough to excel within the role; meet Sophiya Bell!


Sophiya has been in property management for 4 years working for a medium-sized independent letting agent prior to joining Homes Partnership in August 2017. Sophiya moved to join a company where customer care and honest work methods are the norm, not a rare occurrence. Since joining Sophiya has already improved some of our processes, including ensuring more telephone calls to customers are made rather than an over-reliance on email communication. This is something we love as it means we continue to build personal relationships with our clients, in addition to our professional relationships.


Sophiya lives in Reigate with her partner having spent her childhood in neighbouring town Redhill. Sophiya has three house rabbits that she loves more than words can say, she also loves watching chick-flick films and loves a good cup of tea (strong, two sugars and a tiny bit of milk)!


Whether your an existing client or a landlord looking for a new managing agent, Sophiya would love to meet you and is based in our Crawley office in the High Street.