MPs vote through Bill allowing to sue over poor housing

By Market Updates

MPs voted unanimously to pass The Homes Bill in the House of Commons


MPs have voted in favour of a Bill that hands more power to tenants and will allow them to sue landlords over poor housing, taking it an important step closer to becoming law.


It marks a personal victory for Labour MP Karen Buck, who has twice previously tried to introduce a Private Members Bill on the issue without success.


Following an announcement last weekend from Secretary of State for Housing Sajid Javid, the Government has thrown its weight behind the Bill, increasing its chances of success.


The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill was subsequently debated in Parliament today.


MPs voted unanimously to pass the Bill this morning in the House of Commons.


It now moves to the Committee stage, where detailed examination of the Bill takes place.


The Bill seeks to amend the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 to require that residential rented accommodation is provided and maintained in a state of fitness for human habitation.


Adam Charlton, our Business Development Manager said:


“On the face of it, it is more of a surprise that it is not already law rather than surprised of it’s passing through the House of Commons. However my concern is what that landlords are inevitably going to have is that tenants are now going to be able to enforce things themselves. Whilst we certainly do not disagree with this sentiment, as with other pieces of legislation, it can lead to a minority using the law to their advantage to receive unfair gains.”


“I do not believe we have a poor housing crisis in Crawley unlike some areas of the UK but this reinforces the need for landlords to maintain their rental properties as they would their own.”